Happy Holidays!
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We wish all of you lovely people a very Happy Holiday Season and wish that 2017 will be a prosperous one and will beat 2016!

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David Bowie

Cynics may react world-wearily to the run of hastily assembled montages and heartfelt tributes which follow a famous person’s death. These often seem whipped up too easily –social media gesturing which will move on swiftly enough. Today though it feels entirely right to drop this cynicism, and to take stock of the life and work of an enormous cultural figure.

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Highway 61 Revisited at fifty.
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I was interested to see that Highway 61 Revisited is now fifty years old. Cue the usual stuff about how, after the album came out in 1965, things would never be the same again, how it ‘still sounds as subversive now as it did fifty years ago’, along with the usual well-worn anecdotes on the chaotic recording sessions.

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