The Flow


The Flow is an artistic collaboration between talented artists, headed by the Tommy Ludgate - Robert Ninot duo. They fuse the beautiful aesthetcics of classical and motifs of pop, soul and blues resulting in cinematic songs. As the name suggests this formation is open to the stream of collaborative artists to allow painting musical pictures that is the result of The Flow.

After months of practicing to the demanding first piece Find It the pair went into the studio in November 2008 and created the foundation of The Flow. This was about the process of working together as musicians as well as forming the sound and the feel of the songs. A vast amount of experimentations then followed with the orchestration and the production of the songs right through to a recording session in Robert's house. 

During the years The Flow have grown, matured and found their ways of creating something special, lyrical. By both of their accounts this collaboration is one that has been very fruitful musically and in artistic development for Tommy and Robert and this bond will keep producing some exciting results in the future, no doubt.    

The Flow 's Releases