Gabriel Moreno - Love and Decadence


Gabriel Moreno, London based singer/songwriter, alternative and folk scene bohemian with Amber Records present his much awaited album. Love & Decadence; an autobiographical album marked with unfettered emotion and lyrical pictures.

Gabriel’s musical storytelling is captivating and woven through with mediterranean tone and folk sensibility. In the album, techniques of guitar greats like Johnny Cash were revisited and Leonard Cohen-esque characterisations of desire and disillusion surfaced.

“sublime melodies with fine lyrics that underline Gabriel’s talent as a fine wordsmith as a songwriter as well as a poet” - John Flannery of Shoreditch Radio

The digital release is available in your favourite online retailer, CDs are for sale on this website.

Monday, October 12, 2015


Songwriters - Gabriel Moreno (all except 11), Augustín Lara (11)
Arrangers - Gabriel Moreno (all except 1,2,9), Denis Valerga (1,2,9)
Guitar, voice - Gabriel Moreno
Bass, electric guitar - Pablo Yupton
Violin - Barbara Bartz
Drums - Pablo Kajon
Backing vocals - Mary Joe (The Sparrow), Lauren Lucile
Double bass - Adam Beattie
Cello - Laura Victoria
Trumpet - Angie Rance
Hammond organ, rhodes - Lucas Peire
Producer - Norbert Toth
Recording & Mixing Engineer - Carles Puntí
Mastering - Amber Studio Mastering
Title artwork - Antonio J Moreno (www.elciento.com)