The Moon and the Sparrow

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he Moon and the Sparrow, is the tale of a journey into an untameable Mediterranean psyche where passion and the rational mind are battling it out. There is no repose. Cities do not receive the writer with open halcyon arms but rather send him off deeper into philosophical conundrums: where does he stand in matters of romantic love, identity or transience? Who owns the voice that sings? Who does it sing to? Will anyone ever hear?

The ghosts of Italian, French and Spanish poets accompany the writer/traveller in this trip across the rims of the sea. Lovers appear and disappear, shaping the tonalities and rhythms of his songs and deliberations. There is also the voice of his fratello, Giovanni Allocca and the magnetism of the moon which dictates his moods. Struggling with this tension between interiority and otherness, the writer summons internal passerine birds to sing the topography of the Middle Sea. Then, in calmer pastures, he will compose other poems of longing and remembrance.